Our Mission

Boutique law and accounting firms provide a uniquely tailored and responsive service for their clients.

But they have a unique set of challenges as well.

Our mission is to solve those challenges and enable boutique firms to thrive and grow.

Grow your firm

Our team our experts in everything you need to grow your firm.

A team led by boutique firm professionals, we know how difficult it is to balance chargeable work with growing your business.

Adviserly Members receive a 10% discount across all our services.


What we do

Our Team

Experience from clients to marketing, from teams to tech.

What unites us is our focus on boutique firm growth.


Miroslav Hyrman

Grow by process automation


Robert Flint

Grow with strategy and thought leadership

Sophie Marston

Grow your visibility and credibility

Scott Simmons

Grow by rainmaking


Vanessa Ugatti

Grow confidence in negotiating and billing


Elaine Godley

Grow the mental health of your team


Julia Stock

Grow your team successfully


Philip Lewis

Grow through practice acquisition


Tina Fernandez

Grow your digital operations

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Grow through practice acquisition[ ]

A little more about us...


A practising corporate lawyer and founder of Adviserly, Robert talks to boutique firm owners every day.

An MBA and Cambridge alumnus, Robert is an business strategy expert and brings a practitioner’s insight to process and the best tech available.

Robert gets to know your firm, listens to your unique challenges and helps you formulate your business strategy.

An experienced policy writer from his previous life in UK politics, Robert also writes thought leadership content that actually engages the reader.

Most law firms we talk to are really struggling to recruit good solicitors for a variety of reasons, so this is driving more appetite to acquire other practices instead.

Philip Lewis spent 10 years experience managing solicitors’ practices banking with Barclays Bank before moving into mergers/acquisitions of law firms and legal recruitment.  

Philip finds potential target law firms from his extensive contact database to help firms who may be considering an acquisition, merger or bolt-on. 

Given his 10 years’ experience managing solicitors’ practices banking, he is well equipped to discuss this topic with appropriate lawyers. Succession planning remains one issue but there are also changes in the professional indemnity insurance market which are impacting smaller law firms. 

Phil also sources consultant lawyer practices, particularly from partners who are “retiring” from their current firm but want to continue working, perhaps on a part time basis from home looking after some long-standing key clients.  

Elaine Godley is an award-winning Health and Wellbeing Mentor with an MBA in Legal Practice from Nottingham Law School.

Having recovered from four different forms of cancer including stage IV in 2015, Elaine´s passion is making sure that other Managing Partners don´t attract a similar diagnosis.

Former CEO of a two-office firm in Lincolnshire, head of department in a topic City firm and Managing Partner of a large Public Sector legal department, Elaine comments that the consistent factor amongst all sectors is STRESS!

Through her unusual approach to DISC Behaviour Profiling, Elaine can not only help firms to improve the recruitment process, team dynamics and relationships with clients, she can also identify if any team member (or the leader) is masking illness by putting on a brave face. Perhaps some are close to burnout?!

Imagine how you would feel if you could prevent a team member from going off sick or becoming incapacitated with a serious health condition. Imagine the impact on your bottom line too!

Elaine offers a 10% reduction off her standard fees for members of Adviserly.

For almost a decade, I have been consulting for law firms around the world. I have advised law firms on marketing strategies, business processes, and their alignment with their business strategy. During my career, I have come across numerous SW solutions for case-management, customer-relationship management, and others. However, I have always promoted teamwork over comprehensive SW solutions and tools.

I believe that when the law firm masters managing its teams, the teams themselves will propose what to digitise next.

Vanessa Ugatti is the creator and author of True Worth. She knows how vital it is for you to get paid your true worth, to be financially successful.

How can you achieve this when it is so easy to fall into the trap of underselling yourself?

This is because of a fear of losing the sale. This is a powerful, yet negative motivator. It puts you on the back foot every time and costs thousands in lost revenue.

Vanessa has the blueprint to wake you up to your true worth. You will never have to feel guilty, fearful or apologise for charging appropriately ever again.

She uses her unique True Worth methodology to challenge and inspire you to think differently. You too can join your peers and charge according to your worth.

The impact is amazing and long-lasting.

Her services include:

  • keynote speaking
  • group training programmes (both in person and virtual) and
  • one-to-one coaching (virtual)

I have been the founder and co-managing partner for the last four years at a commercial law firm specialising in technology law. I have extensive experience drafting and negotiating complex IT and technology agreements, working with procurement, commercial, technical and operational teams to mitigate risk and negotiate the best deals.

My experience covers all technology areas, including software licensing and support, cloud services, telecommunications, outsourcing, systems integration and technology consulting (professional services) agreements, robotics and autonomous agents, and blockchain and machine learning applications.

I have extensive knowledge of the different technologies and how they work. I have taken operational roles to manage large-scale projects after the conclusion of project negotiations. The first was with a web development company working with development teams in Australia, Singapore, India, Jordan, and Canada to develop innovative web solutions for clients. My second position was as Operations Director for a systems integration company managing a 20-country hardware and software upgrade. So I understand how apps and solutions work and how to undertake large-scale digital transformation projects.

In 2018, I set up a fully digital law firm, running a fully-automated and integrated client, matter management, and finance systems with cloud-based tools that allowed us to work remotely. From the outset, we aimed to automate processes as much as possible to eliminate the need for data entry duplication.

I have an LLM in Information Technology Law from the University of Edinburgh in 2019 and a Postgraduate Diploma (PgD) in Computer and Communications Law from Queen Mary London in 2012. I recently completed Imperial College London’s course on Digital Transformation Strategies in 2022 and the Harvard Cyber Security Course on Mitigating Risks in 2019.

Julia is an expert Management Consultant who help a range of service business to scale up, improve profitability, streamline their processes and reduce the stress levels of the key players.  Key issues impacting professional services firms at the moment involve:

  • Wanting to improve Sales & Marketing while feeling highly uncomfortable about it
  • Attracting and retaining the right staff
  • Succession planning
  • Lack of confidence in using technology to streamline processes and drive improved customer service

Julia can give expert advice in each of these areas with interventions designed to drive real performance improvements, in ways which neatly mesh with existing business cultures.  By using a combination of training, coaching and consulting to support our clients we help improve knowledge, skills and confidence – creating great results.

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