More of a Q than an FAQ, this one. But we’re going to answer it anyway because it’s important.

We believe that smaller firms – small businesses for that matter – are going to be the next big thing.

In an age where everything is big, from big tech to big law, humanity is going through something of a crisis. From mental health to climate, it’s clear our lives are increasingly separated from the things that matter.

What matters is us. People and the planet.

We’re not meant to be a cog in a massive machine.

We are meant to make our own decisions. We are meant to live and work in small, sustainable groups, building bonds of trust and friendship.

We believe the future lies in networks of dynamic small businesses and charities, each with their own mission, working together to achieve their goals.

And the time is now.

Technology is enabling the pioneers to find different ways of working together, within and across borders, in ways that politicians and big business cannot anticipate.

Law firms are a crucial part of this picture.

Boutique firms get to know their clients and provide tailored services using cutting edge technology.

They help their clients do what has never been done before.

So that’s our vision: where small businesses do big things. Because it’s the small things that change the world.

Our purpose is to help your boutique law firm to thrive, by creating a supportive global community of likeminded firms.

By delivering the services you’re searching for to grow and scale your practice, we empower lawyers to focus on what they love doing and make growing their firm profitable and fun.

Adviserly is an international network exclusively for boutique law and tax firms. We’re a bit like an old-fashioned legal network but exclusively for boutique firms with a focus on growth.

We define as “boutique” a firm which:

  • Has up to five partner-level lawyers.
  • Usually focusses on a particular service area or sector; and.
  • Is not afraid to innovate.

Adviserly was founded by UK corporate lawyer, Robert Flint, who continues to practise as a consultant for boutique firms.

Clients love boutique firm service but boutique firms face unique challenges.

Firms’ limited resources can mean they struggle to grow their client base, find quality referral partners, make the most of technology and maintain love for what they do.

It is hard to find business development, marketing or other business advisers who know the specific challenges faced by boutique firms.

Lawyers’ personal legal networks are often full of lawyers at larger firms who are not suitable referral partners.

We want to help your firm to grow and ensure you love your firm as much as your clients do.

We’re quite a new company, but we have a thriving community of over 70 boutique firms worldwide. We’re now actively seeking new members.

At the moment, our firms are mainly in Europe, the UK and North America. We are trying to cover all practice areas and sectors.

Yes, please do. The best way for us to grow is organically, from a trusted referral.

Our tiered memberships include basic services to help you in your journey.

But to really turbocharge your growth, we provide Firm Growth Services. You only pay for these as and when you need them.

We provide bespoke growth services for boutique law firms through our hand-picked consultants. We scope the work and provide work on a fixed fee or retainer basis.

Our Firm Growth Services include:

  • Business development.
  • Brand.
  • Integrating tech stack.
  • Online marketing.
  • Mentoring.
  • Growing the team.

Growth Membership also includes a 1-hour Growth Session, bespoke Growth Plan, Quarterly Accountability Call and a 10% discount on all Firm Growth Services.

You can join as an Adviserly member completely free, which gives you access to our WhatsApp group and Firm Growth Services.

We think you’ll like our Associate Membership and our Growth Membership too, which offer great value to help grow your firm.

Please see the membership options here.

Please contact us here to have a conversation, or feel free to check out the membership options here. We’ll then get in touch to arrange a call.

No. You can refer work to firms on or off network, and you might not be the only provider of your particular services in your jurisdiction.

We believe in collaboration, not competition. Most legal work is done by larger firms and boutique firms can collaborate to take them on.