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Situated between England and France, Jersey is the largest British dependency of the Channel Islands. Known for a variety of reasons ranging from its beaches and cliff trails, to its historical significance with the German occupation during World War II.

A Pricey Spot to Live?

Due to the size of Jersey being 45sq miles, living on the island can be quite expensive. This is usually in relation to the rising house prices and limited availability on space, so for those of us who are digital nomads it may be useful to reconsider other areas.

Not deterred by the price? Perfect! Because that being said, the higher cost of living does bring about its own benefits.

You are provided with lower income tax and 5% on VAT for starters! Jersey even offers the warmest and sunniest weather in all of the British Isles.

So go pay a visit, go and view Sir Walter Raleigh's spectacular Elizabeth Castle. Then go out with your family or partner to experience some of the delicious food they have to offer (I'm talking about that Portuguese/Madeiran food and those Jersey Royals).

Not a huge fan of the outdoors or just tired of being so active? Don't worry, Jersey still has you covered!

They have extremely fast and reliable internet throughout the island, so you can be sure that you won't miss out on anything. You could just stay at the hotel, or even go sit at the Jersey Crab Shack in Gorey and keep up to date with your socials, knowing that if you change your mind, you can be sitting at the Gorey Pier with an astonishing view within a matter of minutes.