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Situated between England and France and  known for its beaches and cliff trails, cows and legal and finance industry, Jersey is the largest British dependency of the Channel Islands. . 

Like Guernsey, something of a constitutional anomaly, Jersey is a Bailiwick (the jurisdiction of a bailiff) under the British Crown but not a part of the United Kingdom. Its laws and taxes are therefore separate from those of mainland Britain though its currency is the pound sterling. 

The cost of business 

As an offshore financial centre of 45sq miles, living on the island can be expensive, in particular for housing. Some businesses may have particular reasons for needing access to the island’s financial and legal services. Some need an offshore address for tax purposes, but otherwise it is not a typical destination for trade or digital nomads. 

If you can afford it, Jersey is a great place to be, however. The top rate of income tax is 20% and VAT is 5%, for starters! Jersey even offers the warmest and sunniest weather in all of the British Isles (though that might not be saying much) and is but a hop, skip and a jump from the coast of France. 

Jersey has extremely fast and reliable internet throughout the island, so you can be sure to remain connected. You could just stay at the hotel, or even sit at the Jersey Crab Shack in Gorey and keep up to date with your socials, knowing that if you change your mind, you can be sitting at the Gorey Pier with an astonishing view within a matter of minutes.