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Republic of Ireland 

The Emerald Isle is steeped in a rich history as wild and untamed as its landscape. In contrast with hotter parts of the world, its more temperate (and often wetter) climate sits comfortably with its cosy lifestyle. Hearty stews, roasting fires and a pint (or two) of Guinness are often enough to bring out the best of the colder weather, alongside the warm and welcoming nature of the locals. 

Ireland’s breath-taking surroundings, and their ability to spark creativity, is often underappreciated. Increasingly however, entrepreneurs and digital nomads from around the globe are starting to realize the benefits of starting a business in such a magical place.

Starting a business can be straightforward with professional advice  

Despite remaining a part of the European Single Market and Eurozone, the Republic of Ireland fortunately shares little of the same bureaucratic woes as is found in much of mainland Europe. Thanks to a system of relief for foreign tax credits and a staggering 12.5% corporation tax, the PwC in 2019 ranked Ireland 1st in Europe for ease of paying business tax with the World Bank currently ranking them 4th globally. 

Ireland’s business-friendly tax regime, much like the sound of an Irish harp, is soothing to hear for any entrepreneur looking to start a business there. This tune seems particularly loud in Dublin’s technology scene, with two-thirds of a record £1 billion of overall funding in 2020 being funnelled into the city alone. The presence of veteran companies in Dublin such as Google, Facebook and Amazon also provide local start-ups with lucrative opportunities to collaborate and gain expertise; aided by an extensive support programme, start-ups have plenty of tools to build at all stages. 

It makes sense to make the most of such favourable conditions. And whilst the process of building a business is more promising than for many other countries, there still exists instances where expert knowledge is required. With the correct legal and financial advice, you can make finding that pot of gold far more convenient

A hidden gem for digital nomads looking to work remotely 

Ireland’s booming tech scene includes its ability to cater well for remote workers. In all the major cities there exists quick Wi-Fi and 4G, available with lots of internet cafes and co-working spaces to match.  

Nor are you limited for choice of location. Places like Cork and Dublin always have lots going with a unique concentration of culture many larger cities can’t sustain. The cost of living may however be too expensive for some, in which case smaller towns in the countryside may be more appealing. In either case, Ireland’s transport links can often provide are convenient link to both, allowing access to both Ireland’s bustling city-life and serene countryside landscapes. 

Ireland provides plenty of reasons for entrepreneurs and digital nomads to live and work there. Whilst so, proper legal and financial advice remains a must for anyone looking to take advantage of what it has to offer. As a place known for its folklore, it is certainly a fitting place for you to start off your own adventure.