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About Us

"If change is going to come, it will be on the shoulders of small businesses, the mould-breakers and those who are passionate about their ideas." 

- Robert Flint, Founder 


Adviserly for clients 

Back in 2017, our founder, Robert Flint, was struggling to set up a UK business while living in France.  

It was harder than it had to be.  

Lots of people he spoke to who had moved to France to work, study or set up a family, had the same problems. Not super rich, but international, with lives and jobs more complicated than governments expect or borders allow. 

Adviserly is for them.  

Adviserly is for you.  


What is Adviserly? 

Adviserly is three things: 

  1. It is an exclusive cross-border referral network of tech-enabled boutique law and accounting firms. It is similar to other networks, but comprised of smaller firms, each with their area of specialism. 

  1. It is a client-facing platform, allowing advisers to refer work to and collaborate with each other to provide a full-spectrum service to clients, and for clients to submit work requests directly to advisers. 

  1. It is a community of pioneers – professionals and their clients who are specialised, international and pushing the boundaries of our fields, helping each other change the world one problem at a time. We share best practice, insight and best-in-class technology from around the world. 


What’s different about you? 

We’re a network of boutique firms across the world. Boutique firms are generally smaller specialist firms.  

We think you’ll like them because they: 

  • focus on particular clients, services or sectors, making them truly expert at what they do 

  • are small and medium sized businesses in their own right 

  • are tech-enabled, at the cutting edge of professional services 

  • have lower costs than larger firms, without the expensive offices and multimillionaire partners 

  • are more flexible on price 

  • are not necessarily cheaper, but you know you are paying for actual advice, not big-firm overheads 

  • are friendlier, less corporate and more like you 

  • are international, open and share a passion for making the world a better place, one problem at a time 


Why should I trust you? 

We spotted that most clients pick a lawyer or an accountant based on a referral. From a friend, maybe, or another professional or perhaps a business or individual similar to you. 

Because it is really hard to know who to trust. 

So we have built what is, at its most basic, a referral network of advisers who trust each other. We have hooked this up to a platform, so that you, the client, can access the referral network and contact advisers directly. 

Adviserly is NOT a law firm, an accounting firm, and we do not offer professional advice. The advisers in our community work at boutique or sole-practitioner firms, and it is with those firms that you agree a quote and sign a contract, in the same way as you would any other firm.


Accelerators and Awards 

Adviserly is an international referral network and UK based startup incorporated in 2021, participating in the Leicester Startups Accelerator Programme. 

Adviserly was the winner of SME News Awards Best International Network 2021. 


Robert Flint 

Robert founded Adviserly in 2021 with a mission to make cross-border legal and accounting advice accessible to all. 

He is a former corporate partner at a UK platform law firm, acting for small businesses, fund managers and entrepreneurs from around the world.  

After training at City firm, Winckworth Sherwood, he went on to work at Canadian firm, McCarthy Tetrault. 

He previously founded Legis, providing expert legal policy advice to law firms, public affairs firms, trade bodies and investment managers. 

Robert has a background as a justice policy researcher in the UK Parliament, and worked as an adviser to the Minister for International Development. 

A law graduate of BPP London, he also studied history at Christ's College, University of Cambridge. At law school he was awarded the highest distinction of his year for his dissertation. 

He was a candidate in Lambeth and Southwark in the 2016 London Assembly elections and is a former special constable. 


Amirali Khezrey 

Amirali joined Adviserly in August 2021 having previously worked for his local Member of Parliament. 

Graduating with a BSc in Politics & History from Brunel University in 2020, he is currently studying for a Masters in International Public Policy at Royal Holloway University.