climate change

Why you shouldn’t bother to save the planet!

I recently asked a friend about their thoughts on how to save the planet, and they replied, “it’s a problem for future me.” Their response was so brief and careless…

Are virtual firms a silver lining to the pandemic?

Every metaphorical cloud has a virtual silver-lining. The coronavirus pandemic has been and remains a personal and global calamity. Lives and jobs lost, livelihoods and plans ruined. It has also…

Are NFTs the cat’s pyjamas?

Back in February, a simple, pixelated gif of Nyan Cat in NFT form sold for 300.00 ETH, worth £430,000 at the time (now about £678,000 – making it a bargain).…

Migration: time to move on?

Kabul has fallen. As dark night follows day, civilians begin their migration, a journey which will either see them transformed into ‘refugees’, worthy of help, or ‘asylum seekers’, tabloid villains.…

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