Note the question mark. I am genuinely asking, because I don’t know for sure. I have an inkling, and am taking things one step at a time.

The story so far

By instinct I am a reader and a listener. When it comes to learning new languages, I can read and listen quite quickly, but struggle with speaking and writing.

So the story so far is about listening (to lawyers, accountants and potential clients) and reading (so much reading) about anything to do with founding a business.

One of the key ‘learnings’ (never again) is to read and listen more, so that’s good.

And with my ear to the ground, it seemed like WordPress would be a good shout for me to design the first version of the website.

The Adviserly idea has been through several iterations already, and continues to be honed. This website is the latest iteration, the next stage in the lean startup.

Lawyers, sausages and websites

As Bismarck said (or not), “laws are like sausages, you shouldn’t see how they are made.” Lawyers trying to design websites is on another level.

Because, Siteground and WordPress: Oh My.

I’ve not felt my heart sink so much since I was a trainee lawyer trawling through the Financial Conduct Authority Handbook for the first time.

The next iteration, it is safe to say, will not use WordPress or Siteground.

These small-scale mistakes are the bread and butter of the lean startup.

Lesson learnt: listen to other people. Read other things.

Robert Flint

Robert Flint is the founder of Adviserly and former corporate parter at a UK law firm.

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Nicola Thomas · 03/03/2021 at 4:32 pm

I’ve noted the question mark! My initial thoughts would be to map out the nuts and bolts of what your network will be dealing with. What information will it be dealing with and how will these bits of information relate to each other (the back end), and importantly, how it will be served up to your customers (the front end) to bring them the benefits they are looking for. Once you’ve worked out the building blocks and processes, then you can start to ask: How I am going to build the ‘real’ website rather than this early interim step? For example, what programming approach you take will depend on the type of data you are dealing with. Best of luck, Nicola p.s. ask programmers once you’ve got a clearer idea. Geographical data seems key here.

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