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You are a boutique law practice transforming the way the law is delivered.

You put your clients at the forefront of everything you do, to ensure they receive the most dynamic, agile, and empathetic service you can provide. We know the unique challenges that you will be facing, either now or in the future.

Challenges such as:

  • Creating the Business Strategy for Growth.
  • Marketing your Unique Expertise.
  • Streamlining your Processes for Better Efficiency.
  • Integrating Leading Edge Technology to Simplify your Systems.
  • Best Working Practices to avoid Staff Burnout.
  • Coaching to Create Thought Leadership.

Our mission is to solve those challenges and enable your boutique practice to flourish and prosper.

Robert Flint

Founder & CEO

Meet the Founder Robert Flint

I’m Rob, the CEO of Adviserly and a practising lawyer in the UK.

As a corporate lawyer in big London law firms, I became disillusioned about how “Big Law” operated, emphasising internal politics rather than client service. The lack of collaboration, huge workloads, dissatisfied clients and burnt-out lawyers made me think that there must be a better way.

I started consulting for boutique firms which provide a personalised service that clients love, but they face a unique set of challenges too. Running a small business is tough.

I founded Adviserly to empower boutique law firms that are revolutionising legal services, in the interests of client and lawyer alike.

We’re a friendly bunch and would love to hear from you.

What is Adviserly?

  • A cross-border referral network of tech-enabled boutique law firms. It is similar to other networks, but comprised of smaller firms, each with their area of specialism.

  • A community of pioneers – professionals who are specialised, international and pushing the boundaries of our fields, helping each other change the world one problem at a time. We share best practice, insight and best-in-class technology from around the world.

  • A one-stop-shop for the services your firm needs. To really turbocharge your growth, we provide Firm Growth Services for boutique law firms through our hand-picked consultants.

Network of boutique firms

Why would you want a membership with us?

We have a continually growing network of specialist and dynamic boutique firms across the world.

  • Focus on particular clients, services or sectors, making them truly expert at what they do
  • Are small and medium sized businesses in their own right,
  • Are tech-enabled, at the cutting edge of delivering their professional services,
  • Have lower costs than larger firms, without the expensive offices, overheads and multimillionaire partners,
  • Are more flexible on price,
  • Are not necessarily cheaper, but better value for money, giving you the benefit od their expert advice,
  • Are friendlier, less corporate and more like you,
  • Are international, open and share a genuine passion for making the world a better place, one problem at a time.
  • Focus on particular clients, services or sectors, making them truly expert at what they do
  • Are small and medium sized businesses in their own right
  • Are tech-enabled, at the cutting edge of professional services
  • Have lower costs than larger firms, without the expensive offices and multimillionaire partners
  • Are more flexible on price
  • Are not necessarily cheaper, but you know you are paying for actual advice, not big-firm overheads
  • Are friendlier, less corporate and more like you
  • Are international, open and share a passion for making the world a better place, one problem at a time

Real-life results

We generate results for our members

Why not become part of this ever growing, collaborative and evolutionary network of boutique lawyers?

Through Adviserly, we’ve been able to source great lawyers in Spain, Italy and Netherlands to help with work with an international dimension. We’ve had some fantastic clients introduced to us too. Rob and the Adviserly team are always helpful, responsive and quick and they seem to know everyone in the legal world!

Tend Legal

The Adviserly network gives my company a professional and international image. It is inspiring and it broadens my horizons. Moreover, it results in new clients with interesting legal issues.

Burgt Legal

I joined Adviserly because of the spirit of collaboration practised so well by Rob, and the opportunity to engage with other lawyers and professionals in both relaxed and more structured contexts. I really enjoy being part of the community and sharing thoughts and work with others. Rob is a great host and connector

Jarmans Solicitors

I liked the modern, easy style of the network and law firms involved since minute one and therefore was certain it was a group of professionals I could understand and work well with.

Costaluz Lawyers

Through Adviserly we recently received work from Avery Law, a boutique UK law firm, whose client needed real estate advice in Hungary. We were happy to receive great feedback for the advice we provided. We have been Adviserly members since February 2022 and have made more in referrals than we pay in our subscription – it’s great value for us.


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